A good-sized Lower Palaeolithic flint cleaver found in 1924

A good-sized Lower Palaeolithic flint cleaver found in 1924

Code: 1714

Description: A good-sized sub-rectangular gray flint cleaver with dense pale orange-white patination, some cortex remaining particularly on one side. A few inoffensive edge and shallow body chips and implement rolled and water worn, labelled as being found at ‘Devenis’ (archaic for Dewlish, Dorset) in 1924.

Size: 125 mm/4.9 ins. in length

Culture: Lower Palaeolithic

Date: c. 200,000-400,000 years B.P.

Notes: Devenis is not recorded as a Palaeolithic locality by either Roe (1968) or Wymer (1999), but Dewlish, 7 miles north of the well-known Palaeolithic site of Moreton, is cited by Roe (1968) who records 15 handaxes from Dewlish with ‘possibly some further material’. Devenis is an archaic name for Dewlish and as this implement comes from an early 20th Century Dorset collection locally collected from around Moreton and Corfe, it seems likely that ‘Devenis’ reflects a findspot at Dewlish.

References: Roe, D.A. (1968) A Gazetteer of British Lower & Middle Palaeolithic Sites, CBA Research Report 8, Council for British Archaeology, p. 49. Wymer, J. (1999) The Lower Palaeolithic Occupation of Britain, Wessex Archaeology and English Heritage, 2 volumes.

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