A Lower Palaeolithic flint handaxe from Barnham in Suffolk

A Lower Palaeolithic flint handaxe from Barnham in Suffolk

Code: 2213

Description: An Acheulian brown flint handaxe with differential patination on each side, medium brown on one side, light brown on the other. Slightly rolled with an area of cortex on one side towards the butt, a few small inoffensive chips, otherwise condition good. From Barnham in Suffolk (marked Norfolk on implement).

Size: 102 mm/4 ins. in length

Culture: Lower Palaeolithic

Date: c. 400,000 years B.P.

Provenance: Previously the property of a Surrey collector.

Notes: Roe (1968) records over 230 handaxes from Barnham but notes ‘material, probably a considerable amount, is known to have passed into private collections’.

References: Roe, D.A. (1968) A Gazetteer of British Lower & Middle Palaeolithic Sites, CBA Research Report 8, Council for British Archaeology, p. 262.

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