A small Egyptian faience altar amulet, c. 600 B.C. - 395 A.D.

A small Egyptian faience altar amulet, c. 600 B.C. - 395 A.D.

Code: 2355

Description: A small pale blue faience amulet in the form of an altar, shaped as a square short column with ridges around the top and base, and the top surface divided into four sections with triangular edges. The amulet pierced for suspension. Some surface wear, particularly affecting the top surface, but complete.

Size: 12 mm/0.5 in. high

Culture: Egyptian

Date: Late Period to Roman Period, c. 600 B.C. - 395 A.D.

Provenance: From the collection of Julian Bird (1959-2014) and acquired at Timeline Auctions, London, in 2011. Previously in the Terry Eva Collection, London, assembled in the 1970s-1980s. Terence Eva was a notable London private collector.

Background: Julian Bird was a passionate collector of Egyptian antiquities, who built up a fine and extensive collection from the 1970s onwards. He sourced his items mainly from the UK market, from specialist dealers, fairs, markets and auctioneers. He was a model collector, carefully documenting his collection, and his notes on this particular item will be supplied to the buyer.