An Egyptian steatite scaraboid in the shape of a fish

An Egyptian steatite scaraboid in the shape of a fish

Code: 2040

Description: A steatite scaraboid with the shape of a fish, probably a Nile perch, carved in relief on the upper surface, a series of heiroglyphs carved on the base. Some minor surface wear, but overall condition good.

Size: 18 mm/0.7 in. wide

Culture: Egyptian

Date: New Kingdom, Ramesside, c. 13th-12th Century B.C.

Provenance: Previously in the collection of Madge Kirkham (1925-2016) and acquired from Charles Ede Ltd. in April 2003.

Background: Madge Kirkham had a life-long interest in ancient history and was a discriminating collector of antiquities building up a fine and extensive collection of Egyptian amulets. She bought her first antiquities from Folio Fine Art in 1964 and remained a client of Charles Ede when he later specialised in antiquities, continuing to buy from his catalogues for the rest of her life. She was a model collector keeping careful records to document the provenance of the items in her collection.