Four Egyptian Sons of Horus amulets with possible Petrie connection

Four Egyptian Sons of Horus amulets with possible Petrie connection

Code: 1164

Description: A matched set of four flat-backed green glazed faience amulets of the four Sons of Horus – human-headed Imsety, jackel-headed Duamutef, falcon-headed Qebehsenuef and ape-headed Hapy. All amulets complete and in good condition, although two may have horizontal fractures expertly repaired.

Size: Amulets 70-72 mm/2.7-2.8 ins. high, mounted in a velvet-backed open frame measuring 196x146 mm/7.7x5.7 ins.

Culture: Egyptian

Date: 22nd-23rd Dynasty, c. 900-700 B.C.

Provenance: Ex Walter Gaze Cooper (1895-1981) Collection.

Background: The composer and musician Walter Thomas Gaze Cooper served as an army driver during World War I, but was invalided out after being caught in a gas attack. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music, and later at the Midland Consevatoire of Music. He lectured on orchestration at the University of Nottingham and founded (and conducted) the Midland Consevatoire of Music Orchestra in 1933, which became the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra in 1942. His hobbies included collecting old furniture and Chinese, Greek and Egyptian antiquities. His collection of Oriental antiques was reputed to be one of the most valuable in the UK at one time. Many of his Egyptian pieces were acquired from William Flinders Petrie (1853-1942), possibly including the present piece.