A fine Egyptian bronze Apis bull, c. 600-30 B.C.

A fine Egyptian bronze Apis bull, c. 600-30 B.C.

Code: 1319

Description: A fine bronze Apis bull with an even dark green brown patina and engraved decoration on the body. The engraved decoration includes a collar around the neck, a winged scarab over the shoulders, another over the hindquarters, and a cross-hatched saddle cloth, while a solar disc and uraeus surmounts the head. The top of the solar disk and tips of the horns lost, cracks on the back, and the base lost with damage to the legs, but sound with no corrosion or alteration of the bronze.

Size: 49 mm/1.9 ins. in length

Culture: Egyptian

Date: Late Period, c. 664-30 B.C.

Provenance: Previously in the collection of Dr. W.H. Armistead (1916-2000), New York, and acquired in the late 1950’s.

Background: Dr. William Armistead was an eminent chemical engineer, who became Director of Research and Development, and later Vice Chairman, at Corning Glass Works, now Corning Inc, an important American manufacturer of glass, ceramics and related materials. He was regarded by Corning as one of their 'Scientists of the Century'.

A detailed and desirable bronze from the collection of a leading materials scientist of the mid 20th Century.