Egyptian limestone funerary stele fragment of the Lady of the House Ta-Bakht-Khonsu with substantial text. The text names Osiris with various epithets and asks for offerings, and refers to Thoth "I am Thoth, Lord of Ashmunein, true of voice". Behind Thoth stands "the Lady of the House, Ta-Bakht-Khonsu", the owner of the stela. Her mother is a like-named woman and her father, a priest of the temple of Amun called Padiamun. The inscription topped by an outstretched vulture wing and a central solar disc with uraei. Fragment measures 228 mm/9 ins. high. The figures of Thoth and Ta-bakht-Khonsu damaged but a good-sized fragment with a substantial readable inscription, Late Period, c. 664-332 B.C. Originally acquired in Egypt during the Second World War. 

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