A Roman ornate ‘Knee’ type bronze brooch, c. 150-250 A.D.

A Roman ornate ‘Knee’ type bronze brooch, c. 150-250 A.D.

Code: 1605

Description: An ornate ‘Knee’ type bronze brooch with two unusual interior projections, the pin and hinge missing, but a nice example with a uniform dark brown patina and good metal.

Size: 33 mm/1.3 ins. in length

Culture: Roman

Date: c. 150-250 A.D.

Provenance: Ex Harold Whitaker (1920-2013) Collection, Stroud.

Background: Harold Whitaker was a leading British film animator whose work included Animal Farm (1954) and Heavy Metal (1981) and the industry handbook Timing for Animation (1981), long-considered a classic of film animation techniques. He also had a keen interest in Roman and Romano-British archaeology, forming a nice collection of Roman antiquities, mainly brooches, pottery and bronze implements.

Supplied with Harold Whitaker’s original mount which shows the illustration of a parallel brooch in Richard Hattatt’s book: Brooches of Antiquity, Oxbow Books, Oxford, No. 1228, p. 265 (1987).

UK sale only please.