A Roman pottery oil lamp, c. 90-130 A.D.

A Roman pottery oil lamp, c. 90-130 A.D.

Code: 2047

Description: A red-slipped orange pottery oil lamp with ring handle, short spout and on the shoulder a raised band bounding the discus with two short side lugs. The discus has three small actors masks (probably of slaves) around a central filler hole. Overall surface wear, particularly to the masks, the slip worn and some patchy encrustation, otherwise condition good, Italy.

Size: 103 mm/4 ins. in length

Culture: Roman

Date: c. 90-130 A.D.

Provenance: Ex Oxfordshire private collection.

References: Compare Dejean H., Lampes Antiques – à travers les Ages : Le Corpus, Editions Archeo-Numis, Planche 89, No. M170.