A good-sized Egyptian faience ushabti for the General TchaiHor(pa)ta

A good-sized Egyptian faience ushabti for the General TchaiHor(pa)ta

Code: 2410

Description: A good-sized pale green faience ushabti for the General Tchai-Hor-(pa)-ta, mummiform figure wearing a striated tripartite wig with plaited beard and a well-modelled face. A vertical column of impressed heiroglyphs reads ‘The illuminated one, the Osiris, the General Tchai-Hor-(pa)-ta born to Ta-ihet, justified'. His mother’s name, Ta-ihet, is written in shortened form, her full name was Ta-shery-ent-ta-ihet. A fracture across the ankles repaired and some patchy discolouration, but overall a nice example, probably from Giza.

Size: 140 mm/5.5 ins. high (167 mm/6.6 ins. with stand)

Culture: Egyptian

Date: 30th Dynasty to early Ptolemaic Period (c. 380-200 B.C.).

Provenance: Ex Essex private collection.

Notes: The lower part of a wooden coffin belonging to Tchai-Hor-(pa)-ta was discovered at Giza in 1902. Several ushabtis of Tchai-Hor-(pa)-ta are known from European Museums and private collections.

References:  See Janes, G., 2012, The Shabti Collections 4, Stockport Museums, Olicar House Publications, Lymm, Cheshire, p. 16-17, for another example.

Mounted on a black wooden plinth, but perhaps could benefit from remounting.