An Egyptian blue faience Reis overseer ushabti, c. 818-656 B.C.

An Egyptian blue faience Reis overseer ushabti, c. 818-656 B.C.

Code: 2842


Description: A blue faience flat-backed Reis overseer ushabti, wearing a short duplex wig and with right arm by side, left arm across chest and wearing kilted dress. A break at the waist repaired, a chip to the foot, patchy surface wear and some discolouration of the glaze, but complete.

Size: 70 mm/2.7 ins. high

Culture: Egyptian

Date: Third Intermediate Period – Late Period, 23rd to 25th Dynasty, c. 818-656 B.C.

Provenance: From the collection of Julian Bird (1959-2014), acquired from London dealer M. Ayres (who ran two antique shops at 31 Museum Street and 187 Drury Lane, London, in business 1970-1988) in 1975. The antiquities owned by M. Ayres were acquired in the 1970's and 1980's mostly from London auctions.

Background: Julian Bird was a passionate collector of Egyptian antiquities, who built up a fine and extensive collection from the 1970s onwards. He sourced his items mainly from the UK market, from specialist dealers, fairs, markets and auctioneers. He was a model collector, carefully documenting his collection, and his notes on this particular item will be supplied to the buyer.

Notes: For the type compare Petrie (1935) Plate XLI, No. 499, and Janes, G. (2011) No. 37, p. 51.

References: Petrie, W.M.F., 1935, Shabtis – Illustrated by the Egyptian Collection in University College, London, The British School of Archaeology in Egypt (Reprinted by Aris & Phillips Ltd., Warminster, Wiltshire, 1974). Janes, G., 2011, The Shabti Collections, 2, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Olicar House Publications, Cheshire. 92 pp.