A Luristan bronze bracelet, 12th-8th Century B.C.

A Luristan bronze bracelet, 12th-8th Century B.C.

Code: 2671


Description: A bronze bracelet, the body of which consists of three discrete circular wires, fused at each end into stylised zoomorphic terminals, perhaps representing deer heads. The bracelet has a dark green almost black patina. Some distortion of the hoop, but an unusual type.

Size: 80 mm/3.1 ins. in diameter

Culture: Luristan, North West Iran

Date: 12th-8th Century B.C.

Provenance: Acquired by Eric Crowe (1905-1952), son of the diplomat Sir Eyre Crowe (1864-1925), when he was posted to Tehran as a British diplomat between 1939-41 and thence by descent to Sir Brian Crowe (1938-2020).

Background: Eric Crowe followed his father Sir Eyre Crowe (a leading diplomat who strongly advocated a counter-German policy in the years before World War I) into the diplomatic service and served in Tehran in the early years of World War II where he acquired this piece. His son Sir Brian Crowe was Ambassador to Austria from 1989–1992 but died of COVID-19 in March 2020.