A fragmentary Egyptian green faience ushabti, c. 900-700 B.C.

A fragmentary Egyptian green faience ushabti, c. 900-700 B.C.

Code: 2566


Description: The upper part of a pale green faience ushabti, the figure wears an unusual bag-like khat wig secured by a knotted fillet added in black. The eyes and eyebrows also delineated in black. Opposing hands modelled on chest, the right one holding a modelled hoe, painted black, the left one holding a circular seed bag suspended by a cord over the shoulder. The beginning of heiroglypic text above the break, reading The Osiris…  The legs lost, the glaze cracked, chipped and worn in places, and an oblique fracture across the torso repaired.

Size: 63 mm/2.5 ins. high (103 mm/4 ins. high including stand)

Culture: Egyptian

Date: Late Third Intermediate Period, c. 900-700 B.C.

Provenance: From the collection of Julian Bird (1959-2014) and acquired from Helios Gallery, Kingsdown, Wiltshire, in 2012, and previously in a UK private collection.

Background: Julian Bird was a passionate collector of Egyptian antiquities, who built up a fine and extensive collection from the 1970s onwards. He sourced his items mainly from the UK market, from specialist dealers, fairs, markets and auctioneers. He was a model collector, carefully documenting his collection, and his notes on this particular item will be supplied to the buyer.

Mounted on a black stand for display.