A sizeable but fragmentary Egyptian faience amulet of Bes

A sizeable but fragmentary Egyptian faience amulet of Bes

Code: 2557


Description: The upper part of a sizeable Egyptian faience amulet of Bes, the protector of households, mothers and children, wearing a tall plumed headdress and with back pillar pierced for suspension. The lower part of the amulet below the waist lost, and significant overall surface wear but an inexpensive example.

Size: 46 mm/1.8 ins. high

Culture: Egyptian

Date: Late Period, c. 600-300 B.C.

Provenance: From the collection of Julian Bird (1959-2014) and acquired from Helios Gallery, Kingsdown, Wiltshire, and originally collected in the early 20th Century.

Background: Julian Bird was a passionate collector of Egyptian antiquities, who built up a fine and extensive collection from the 1970s onwards. He sourced his items mainly from the UK market, from specialist dealers, fairs, markets and auctioneers. He was a model collector, carefully documenting his collection, although we do not have his notes on this particular item.