A North American Indian Archaic flint side notched point

A North American Indian Archaic flint side notched point

Code: 2722


Description: A mottled grey quartzite side-notched point with straight base and sub-triangular in form. A nice example of the type.

Size: 58 mm/2.3 ins. in length

Culture: American Indian

Date: Archaic, c. 8000-4500 years B.P.

Provenance: Ex Dr. H.A. Fawcett Collection.

Background: Dr. Hugh Alderson Fawcett (1891-1982) was a general practitioner and antiquarian who built up an important collection of ancient implements, weapons and ornaments that eventually numbered some eight thousand items. It was he who alerted the British Museum to the discovery of the fabulous Mildenhall treasure after being shown it by Sydney Ford during Easter in 1946. The bulk of his collection is now in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, but Fawcett previously sold or traded many pieces in order to improve his collection. His distinctive monogram and careful recording of provenance makes his pieces readily identifiable.

Points like this would have been used to tip spears and darts thrown using atlatls (spear throwers). In North America, the best evidence suggests that bows and arrows were not introduced until about 1400 years B.P.